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Cyber risk, heightened by the advancement of artificial intelligence and the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, escalates during the holiday season when businesses are typically less protected. To delve deeper into this issue, we spoke with Ron Plesco, a partner at DLA Piper and a renowned leader in the industry.

Giulio Coraggio, Location Head of the Italian Intellectual Property and Technology department at DLA Piper, engages with Ron Plesco, partner at DLA Piper US and a former prosecutor and globally recognized expert in cybersecurity.

The discussion zeroes in on the critical and timely topic of managing cyber risks in the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence. They explore whether AI has magnified the cyber risk landscape and how it compares with traditional human error in contributing to cyberattacks. The dialogue provides deep insights into the current trends and emerging threats in cybersecurity, especially in the context of AI advancements.

Furthermore, the podcast delves into practical strategies for risk assessment and developing effective incident response plans. With Ron Plesco’s extensive experience in cyber investigations, privacy, and threat intelligence, listeners gain an understanding of the key priorities for companies upon discovering a cyber breach.

As the Christmas season draws near, a period especially vulnerable to cyberattacks, this episode is particularly relevant.

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