Web3 blockchain legal challenges


Web3 and blockchain based solutions are facing new legal challenges by customers and regulators that are covered in this episode of our podcast.

Michael Fluhr, Blockchain and Litigation Partner at DLA Piper US, San Francisco, and Giulio Coraggio, Head of the Intellectual Property & Technology Department at DLA Piper, Italy, delve into the ever-evolving world of Web3, NFTs, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

This insightful discussion sheds light on the latest market trends, regulatory positions, and emerging disputes in the realm of digital assets and technology.

This episode of the podcast “Diritto al Digitale” offers a comprehensive understanding of the current and future challenges in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

You can watch the episode below:

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On the same topic, you can watch this episode (in Italian): “Gian Luca Comandini sul ruolo degli NFT, della blockchain e dell’innovazione“.

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