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We explore the EU AI Act with the Member of the EU Parliament and rapporteur of the Act, Brando Benifei, a key architect of the first legislation on artificial intelligence in Europe.

In this episode of the podcast “Diritto al Digitale,” Giulio Coraggio, location head of the Italian IPT department at the law firm DLA Piper, welcomes Brando Benifei, a Member of the European Parliament and a central figure in the development of the EU Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act. As a co-rapporteur, his contributions have been crucial in balancing the protection of fundamental rights with stimulating innovation in Europe.

Our discussion with Mr. Benifei delves into the various facets of the AI Act. He shares insights on the initial motivations behind the legislation, addressing the primary concerns it aims to resolve. We also touch upon the intense 36-hour negotiation session in December 2023, revealing the ongoing discussions and the diverse range of stakeholders involved, beyond just technical groups and policy actors.

The conversation further explores the anticipated timeline for the AI Act’s final approval and the potential challenges that might arise. Mr. Benifei provides his perspective on how the Act will influence AI development and usage in Europe and globally, especially in terms of innovation and global competitiveness. We also discuss the copyright disclosure requirements under the AI Act in light of recent legal disputes, like the one involving the New York Times, OpenAI, and Microsoft. Mr. Benifei explains the scope of these requirements and their potential impact.

Concluding our discussion, Mr. Benifei offers recommendations for companies in preparing for the AI Act, emphasizing the importance of establishing robust AI governance programs, policies, and testing and monitoring procedures.

This episode offers a deep dive into the complexities and implications of the EU AI Act, providing valuable insights for policymakers, industry stakeholders, lawyers and AI enthusiasts alike.

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