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Giulio Coraggio and Danny Tobey of DLA Piper discuss how artificial intelligence is regulated in the United States.

In this episode of the podcast “Right to Digital,” we look forward to a discussion between Giulio Coraggio, Location Head of the Italian Intellectual Property and Technology department of the law firm DLA Piper, and Danny Tobey, Global Co-Chair of DLA Piper’s AI practice in the United States.

The two experts will analyze the complex and dynamic world of artificial intelligence in the United States, providing insights into how companies are coping with the adoption and integration of AI technologies. They will also analyze the repercussions of President Biden’s executive order on artificial intelligence, exploring the immediate and long-term effects on the business community and the widespread concerns companies face as they enter the world of AI. For companies that are approaching AI adoption but are still entangled in the initial threads of compliance, our experts offer pragmatic advice on how to begin their journey.

In addition, the conversation shifts to a broader perspective, examining the U.S. response to the European Union’s groundbreaking AI Act and sparking a stimulating debate about the potential for a unified global framework governing AI. This episode promises to be a roadmap for understanding the legal landscape of AI and a crystal ball look into its future.

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