In this episode of the podcast Diritto al Digitale, Giulio Coraggio, Location Head of the Italian Intellectual Property & Technology department at the law firm DLA Piper set down with Tom Ara, the Global Co-Lead of the Media, Sport & Entertainment Sector at DLA Piper, to dissect the evolving landscape of media law amidst the rapid advancements in technology, like artificial intelligence, and global market expansions.

Tom shares his expert insights on what he currently views as the most pressing topic in U.S. media law, delving into the complexities and the legal nuances that are shaping the industry. The conversation then shifts to the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence on the media sector, exploring both the opportunities it presents and the new legal challenges it poses. Tom also weighs in on the debate surrounding the global harmonization of media laws, discussing the potential benefits and pitfalls for businesses aiming to scale on an international level.

Finally, we tackle the provocative question of the metaverse’s future, examining whether recent product launches signal a revival or if skepticism remains warranted.

Find the video of the episode below:

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