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In this compelling episode of the podcast Diritto al Digitale hosts Giulio Coraggio and Elena Varese of the law firm DLA Piper sit down with Daniela Paletti, the Head of Legal Europe at Condé Nast.

This episode dives into the intricate world of media law and the unique challenges faced by one of the industry’s leading figures. Daniela Paletti shares her inspiring career path, detailing her experiences and the pivotal moments that led her to become the Head of Legal Europe at Condé Nast. Discover the most challenging aspects of Daniela’s role, from navigating complex legal landscapes to managing a diverse legal team across multiple jurisdictions. Condé Nast has been a pioneer in digital transformation within the publishing industry.

Daniela discusses how this shift has influenced the company’s legal strategies and the new legal frontiers they’ve had to explore. AI is revolutionizing various industries, and publishing is no exception. Daniela provides insights into how Condé Nast views AI—whether as a beneficial resource or a potential legal threat—and how the company is addressing these emerging issues.

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